Treasures of Africa
Hippo Friends
  Have you ever wondered how beautiful Africa is? This continent is too big to describe.... It's a real ocean, a separate planet. These are evergreen, moisture-rich equatorial forests, impenetrable boundless jungles, vast savannahs and woodlands, this is a fauna that amazes with its beauty and richness. Nowhere else in the world is there such a quantity and variety of animals and predators, some of them are even included in the red book of the world. Most animals have become symbols of the continent and are associated only with it.
  We invite you to plunge into the wonderful wildlife of Africa. Hippo Friends collection contains 5,000 unique and inimitable NFTs depicting the most famous natural resources and the unique natural strength and beauty of this amazing continent.
The aim of the project is to build a farm to support the decentralization of the Chia blockchain. All proceeds from the sale of NFT Hippo Friends will be used to purchase equipment. The first target is 500 TiB. All mined XCH coins will be distributed among Hippo Friends holders
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License link/Hippo%20Friends%20Licens.pdf

Token CBDS

Donation Address xch13vtwhkrtpqnv208crz79nknwj5mn5npr0n2g68nyhpmhepf3f64q2ac0n0
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